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How to Build a Successful MassChallenge Application

Want the inside scoop on how to craft a top MassChallenge application? MassChallenge alumni share their tips that can help you conquer the application process. Applications for the 2018 cohorts of MassChallenge Boston, Rhode Island, Switzerland, and Mexico are due March 28, 2018 at 7:00PM CET/1:00PM ET/12:00PM (Noon) CT. Learn more about our program and apply here.

3 Key Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

3 Key Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Collaboration with Doppler Mexico

Are you looking to work in a new business and you don’t know how to set and complete your Marketing goals? Find out some of the primary strategies so your new entrepreneurship works in the best way.

#1 Define your target

#StartupStory: Mentes Hábiles

Carla and José, founders of Mentes Hábiles, an Addiction Prevention Program in today's #StartupStory

“After I left the university, I worked 5 years at institutions dedicated to the treatment, prevention, and investigation of addictions. I had the entrepreneurial spirit, and after you learn from the best you feel you can do anything."

Startup Story: Totolines by Entofoods

Get to know the story of these female entrepreneurs Andrea and Alejandra, founders of Totolines. "I honestly believe that my story as an entrepreneur is just beginning, until recently I realized that I wanted to create something new with a vision that I did not see in the big food industries, and on the side, I also met people who had the same concerns as me and here is where our business idea started" 

Startup Story: Dilo en Señas

Meet Rocio and Gerardo, founders of Dilo en Señas#StartupStory

The entrepreneur that went from selling soccer tickets to selling security for financial institutions.

By Hustler’s Academy 

One of the most important components on any sale is having a good product or service that works and fulfill its promise. This is the easiest way to move forward with a business, but what happens when your product or service is not well accepted by the clients?

Gik Live!: the startup disrupting the world of wine

Startup viewpoint: Second time's the charm

Taig Mac Carthy from Gik Live! - the startup disrupting the wine industry - shares his viewpoint on why a major setback doesn't necessarily mean instant failure.

Pitch Perfect: Tips For Getting Judges To Love Your Startup

In order to be accepted into an accelerator, get funding, or even attract top talent, you need to know how to present yourself and your company.

MC Golden Winner alumni José Andrés Chávez from Bayonet talks to us about the 2016 FinTech Ecosystem and what’s coming up in 2017.

By José Andrés Chávez -  OO Bayonet
MC Mexico
GOLDEN Winner 2016

Before closing the year, we would like to share some perspectives regarding (i) the FinTech industry events in Mexico (ii) how the global context has impacted the industry, (iii) the role FinTech plays worldwide and in Mexico, and (iv) an outlook on what is coming up for Bayonet.